Company Strength

Journey Begins

The Company envisions a rice- sufficient nation. We believe we can achieve this through hybrid rice farming. Our hybrid rice seeds, like the SL-8H, are able to withstand both the warm summers and tropical storms that the country experiences. Our seeds produce higher yield than non-hybrid seeds—resulting in higher income for farmers, and more food for the country. SL Agritech sells both hybrid seeds and the premium rice varieties in various locations all over the country and the Asian region.

Bringing you high-quality rice from seeds to bowl

We believe in making sure our investors, farmers and consumers get only the highest quality of our rice. We are capable of doing all rice farming processes in-house, from researching and developing new varieties, to seed and rice production, and even packaging and selling our products all over Southeast Asia.

Grow with us

We want to help grow and uplift the country. That is why in the face of diminished rice fields and an increasing national demand we have introduced our high-yielding rice. We believe that this is the key to self-sufficiency in rice.

A mission to lead

SL Agritech is the market leader in the hybrid rice sector. In spite of this, we continue to develop new products for both wet and dry seasons. These new varieties have the potential to give farmers a net income of P100,000 to P200,000 per hectare. We empower farmers as well by creating harvest festivals, seminars, farm demonstrations and contests.